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CQF is the leading company in the prevention of pressure ulcers, providing innovative, unique and effective solutions for the hospital, geriatric and domiciliary markets. 98% of Ulcers can be prevented. CQF wants to help.



CQF provides solutions to health professionals in the areas of pressure ulcer prevention and patient mobilization and positioning. Through Research and Development and in constant cooperation with health professionals we work to reduce the prevalence of ulcers in the hospital, geriatric and domiciliary sectors with a clear orientation in facilitating the daily life of both patients and caregivers.



98% of pressure ulcers can be prevented. The people that we integrate CQF want to help all the professionals that from the first line work actively against these injuries. We want a world without ulcers; And in CQF we know that it is possible. Values Quality, service and effectiveness in prevention move the team of professionals that integrate CQF daily.



Quality, service and effectiveness in prevention move the team of professionals that make up CQF daily.



Comercial Quirúrgica Farmacéutica S.A. Was born in 1977 in Toledo, Spain; With the intention of serving the health sector as a major player in the distribution and marketing of medical and pharmaceutical material. The great changes that the health sector has suffered since those years have made CQF face in the last decade the challenges to develop, manufacture and promote at national and international level one of the most cutting-edge products in the Prevention of Pressure Ulcers products. The distribution in the Spanish market of major international brands has helped us consolidate ourselves as a national referent in products for the mobilization and positioning of patients. Providing an overview of Prevention Mobilization and care of patients.


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