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Milling anatomical rests

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CQF makes available to customers and / or users the manufacture of BACKPACKS in different sizes and sizes, in polyurethane and / or viscoelastic foams. Solutions for the positioning of users in wheelchairs. Possibility to include rigid bases. MANUFACTURING TO MEASURE.



Anatomic backrest with rigid base:

Backrest made of viscoelastic foam of high quality, anatomically shaped to fit the shape of the back and supported on a rigid base to be able to anchor to the wheelchairs.


In different widths and heights, with a thickness of the sides of 8 to 10 cm. With diminishing form towards the lumbar zone to favor its accommodation.

Indicated for prevention of risk of pressure ulcers at the level of vertebral spinal processes and tips of homoplatos, being able to act also in posterior pelvic level if we place it in contact with the seat in its posterior part.

It can also provide a slight positioning with global lateral controls, which provide stability in the trunk when there is proprioceptive deficiency of the spine or lack of partial trunk solicitation.


The backrest includes a rigid straight base to complete the positioning, made of Eva rubber, a high density material and hardness to provide good support to the viscoelastic cushion. Cut to size and shape of the backrest has a thickness of 2 cm.

Composition Poliuretano Visco Rosa
Density 40 kg/m3 50 kg/m3
Hardness 5,35 KPa 4 KPa


Espuma poliuretano CQF RESPALDO FRES

(Consult the data sheet and the measurement sheet to make the order).


Protective outer cover made of last generation 3D fabric that forms small cells through which the air circulates, facilitating the transpiration of the material. 100% polyester.

With side zipper to remove when cleaning is necessary.



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