90x190 electric bed, with 4 joints on back, hip and legs.

Bump-down mattress to the feet so that the mattress is not sliding when in elevation.

Polyamide anchor for drip holders.

Motorized lift truck with a single control that controls the functions of the bed joints and the truck lift. It incorporates a battery of security so that in case of lack of electrical tension, can be set to zero. The lift truck is the best solution for the caregiver, since it allows the patient to be placed at the desired height for both cleaning and feeding operations.

Mechanized wood slats that provide more flexibility to the movements and rest to the joints.

Thermoplastic rubber pads that improve the flexibility and memory of the slats.

Rounded corners in Polypropylene. Coating in epoxy paint with electrostatic application and polymerized in oven at 200oC. Can be combined with lifting legs, wheels with legs, braced legs or with centralized brake (Recommended for moving the bed and cleaning the room).

The bed with carriage lift is manufactured in compliance with the recommendations of the Institute of Biomechanics of Valencia.

190 x 90 cm.

75.50 kg.




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