Viscoelastic preventive boot

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Boot prevention of ulcers made with viscoelastic foam inside and covered by a foam type fabric, composed of polyamide and polyester. Very soft on the inner side and with three tapes finished in Velcro that fit on the outer surface. Soft, very breathable, it fits perfectly to the shape of the leg and foot. Available in three different sizes. Lightweight, no mobility. Washable.
M outer boot
Viscoelastic foam.

High quality viscoelastic foam padding, flexible and breathable. Its thermosensitive properties allow it to adapt to the shape of the foot, or leg, with its own body temperature, distributing the weight in a balanced way and reducing the pressures on the skin, thus contributing to the prevention of ulcers.
Exterior and interior.

Fabric with two different finishes: exterior that allows the velcro adhesion of the three fastening straps and very soft inner surface, shiny and pleasant to the touch to minimize the friction on the skin. Composed of polyamide and polyester, very breathable. Lightweight and washable.


Composition Visco rosa
Density 50 kg/m³
Hardness 4 kPa


Small CQF6303P
Medium CQF6304P
Big CQF6305P

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