CQFPREVENT® Viscoelastic Lumbar Belt

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 High quality viscoelastic foam padded lumbar belt. Fastening and closing by means of Velcro that is fixed on any zone of the outer surface of the fabric adjusting thus to the contour of each user. Thanks to the granular interior filling it fits perfectly to the lower back, offering a padded and non-moving support.

Interior filling of viscoelastic foam that thanks to its thermosensitive properties and its format in granules adapts to each user, occupying the lumbar zone and offering a great comfort. It also contributes to the thermal function, contributing heat that increases the blood supply and contributes to muscle relaxation.

Outer fabric of cotton and polyamide, soft and with vertical velcro closure that adheres to any zone of the outside to fit the measure of each user. Soft, stretchy, breathable and washable fabric.

Composition Visco rosa
Density 50 kg/m³
Hardness 4 kPa

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