Tubular heel

en heel roll

High viscoelastic foam strip designed for the production of small insoles for the prevention of pressure ulcers. Its wrapped format with dispenser in the box allows it to be cut according to the needs of each patient, especially to create traumatology pads or to relieve pressure in compressive dressings of treatments of venous insufficiencies or lymphodemas.

Wrapped in tubular bandage made of polyamide, viscose and elastomer

The thermosensitive properties of this type of foam obtains a perfect adaptation for difficult zones obtaining a relief of pressures in those areas of more difficult access with a gentle recovery


     Cushioning prior to compression bandages.
     Protection of the tibial area.
     Relief of pressure in lymphodemas or venous difficulties.
     Relief spur on ankles.
     Relief in Achilles tendon.
     Relief heels with the use of Liderfix® tubular mesh bandage.
     Alvio antequino.
     Relief of contact areas of apparatus: masks, pathways, nasal glasses, etc

en Viscoelastic rollpads Aliviovisco CQFPREVENT 2

Also available with tubular bandage pink visco * manufactured by the company Lidermed that wraps the viscoelastic strip.

en Viscoelastic rollpads Aliviovisco CQFPREVENT 3

poroabierto Open pore manufacturing system, breathable and flexible, non-injected foam.
textiles 2013 small Oeko Tex Standard 100 Class I certificate on the absence of harmful substances within the limits required for products suitable for babies.

Forms of washing.

     Wash only when necessary. Once dirty it is preferable to discard it.
     Handwash: with neutral soap of little foam.
     Machine wash: up to 60 ° C and always with protective mesh.
     Do not spin.
     Do not wring it out as it could tear.

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