Anatomical pillow cushions, with or without rigid base

Anatomical pillow cushions, with or without rigid base

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Prevention of pressure thanks to correct positioning: coronal pelvic stabilization, pelvic anterversion in moderate to light zygotic postures.

Hip control, trunk stabilization and cephalic alignment.

Possibility of treatment of the asymmetries with the use of other complements.

Taco to contribute to hip abduction.

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Composition: Pink Visco

Density: 50 kg / m3

Hardness: 4 kPa

Pediatric sizes: Up to 35 x 35 cm. CQF200T

Adult sizes: From 36 x 36 to 44 x 44 cm. CQF199T

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Composition: Polyurethane

Density: 40 kg / m3

Hardness: 5.35 kPa

Pediatric sizes: Up to 35 x 35 cm. CQF204T

Adult sizes: From 36 x 36 to 44 x 44 cm. CQF202T

Custom-made cushion

Cushion made of flexible polyurethane foam, high quality and high density, ideal for correct positioning in those cases where the pelvic segment is the most affected.

It is especially recommended for pelvic retroversions of less than 12º, instabilities caused by muscular deficit of the lumbar extensor muscles and when moderate control of hips in neutral position due to its more consistent abductor club is needed.

Enveloping lateral controls at the femur level, posterior release if desired at the sacrum level and elevation between femurs with a stabilizing and slightly abducting character. Especially designed with asymmetry between the front and back, which is lower getting a better fit of the pelvis towards anteversion.

Indicated for users with lumbar muscle deficits, with moderate or high activity at the trunk level and requiring significant stability at the pelvic level.

It may be beneficial in cases where hip stability is required, as well as partial lumbar square activation in patients with mild or moderate hypotonies of that segment.

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Composition: Polyurethane

Density: 40 kg / m2

Hardness: 5.35 kPa

Consult technical sheet and sheet of measurements to make the order. CQFCOJINFRES

Waterproof or breathable covers

Cover with 3D fabric with a breathable outer part and a waterproof layer on its inner side to limit the passage of liquids into the cushion. Base with elastic fabric and zip fastening



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