Side foot control system for wheelchairs

Side control system for the feet in wheelchair users. Manufactured by combining different materials:

     Black polyethylene foam, a lightweight but sturdy material with which you can make a cajeado or sidewalls. Maximum material thickness 10 cm.
     Rigid EVA rubber for fixing the exterior sides as well as the lower base, so that at any given moment you can screw it to the chair footrests. Thickness of 1cm or 2cm.
     Indoor padding with flexible or viscoelastic polyurethane foams for absorbing side impacts and protecting the wearer's ankle and skin.

Made: Following indications of orthopedic technician and according to the needs of each user, different materials are combined in each hand, with the sizes and measures. (See drawing with example below).
Possibility of a DOUBLE system for both feet or SIMPLE for an individualized adaptation of each foot.
  Possibility of adding wedges: they serve to correct postures of foot - ankle.
 SEPARADOR 1                            SEPARADOR 2
Limitations: loss of partial joint mobility, muscle shortening in twin or anterior tibial muscles, knee instability, hip instability in case there is no abductor control, foot size and chair size, severe clonus.    
Contraindications: Arthrodesados ankles, non-reducible articular stiffness, muscular spasticity in the anterior and posterior calves or tibial above grade III, Deformity of the foot that compromises joint physiology. Do not use straps with the device if there is no safety system on the waist or chest.    
Recommendations: Always wear footwear, place at the appropriate height of knee flexion and ensure that the heel is able to contact at the bottom and back with the device.  

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