en Sanitifoam T30 BH mattress

Prevention Range Medium

The mattress Sanitifoam® T is composed of two different layers of high quality foam :

- The core base is a polyurethane foam with a density of 30 kg/m3 and a hardness of 3,5 Kpa with a thickness of 13 cm. It is manufactured under an exclusive T system, shaped from the nucleus independently, providing a dynamism that distributes the weight in a balanced.

- The top is 4 cm layer of two types of viscoelastic foams: a harder zone in the hip (pink) and two softer zones (white) in head and feet, according to the weight to be hold by each side of the mattress. The viscoelastic material is a viscous polyurethane thermosensitive touch adapts to the shape of the body that rests on it with the body itself, without recovering deformation (memory effects). Both have a density 50Kg/m3 and a hardness of 4,3 kPa and 1,6 kPa, respectively.

This system as a whole gets that the patient's body rests on a firm surface but at the same time thanks to its design dynamic T system that articulated depending on position, and also rests on a larger surface due to the adaptability of the viscoelastic foam, obtaining that all the weight is spread over a larger area and the pressures on the skin decrease. With this we reduce one of the risk factors for the development of pressure bedsores.

Relief heels (optional):

Decreasing design on the heels of discharge pressures favoring blood flow in this area as high risk for pressure bedsores.


Composition Polyurethane White Visco Pink Visco
Density 30 kg/m3 50 kg/m3 50 kg/m3
Hardness 3,5 kPa 1,60 kPa 4,30 kPa
Resilence 51,50 % -- --
Layer 13 cm 4 cm 4 cm
Max. Weight 140 kg --
Min. Weight 40 kg --

Measures - References

190x80x17cm CQFSFT30-04BE
190x90x17cm CQFSFT30-02BE
200x90x17cm CQFSFT30-05BE
190x90x15/12 cm (relief heels) CQFSFT30-10BE

Cover is included.

en mattress 40 2

en foot 1



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