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Mattress is composed by flexible polyurethane foam: a polyurethane foam base of high quality and a density of 28 kg/m3 with a thickness of 14 cm, which acts as a mattress support and a top layer of 6 cm Sanitifoam ® viscoelastic foam with density of 50kg/m and low hardness, with viscous texture and thermosensitive that allows perfect adaptation to the body shape.

The combination of both types of foams get good support thanks to the polyurethane foam and also allow a balanced distribution of the pressure exerted by the weight of the body at their points of support to increase the contact surface and fit perfectly the shape of each user, making the mattress an article suitable for pressure bedsore prevention while its cover designed for domestic use makes it ideal for regular use of anyone offering unique comfort for relaxation.


Foams Polyurethane White visco
Density 28 kg/m3 50 kg/m3
Hardness 3,30 kPa 1,60 kPa
Resilence 50.4 % --

Cover is included.

en Ergofoam 28 mattress HOME MODEL 2

Inside cover:

Composition: 100% Polyester. Double point.

White. Weight: 90 gr/m2 .

5 thread overlock .

Closure zipper and bottom reinforcement.

Outside cover:

Cover 100% polyester, 450 gr/m2. Clothing overlock with safety stitch. Zipper M-5 at the bottom.

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