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The mattress CONFORTSALUD ® T 40 is a model developed from a platform design T system, a registered industrial design, intended for domestic use and available in various sizes with a total thickness of 20cm.

The mattress is made of two different layers of high quality foams: a polyurethane foam high density (40 kg/m3) of 14 cm thick which outlines the small T system that provide a good living for body while its design favors a certain dynamism thanks to emptying between them.

At the top is a layer of viscoelastic foam of 6 cm in thickness and density of 50kg / m, which offers two different hardnesses in the lower back (color pink) and sides (color white) as part of the mattress intended to bear more weight.

The viscoelastic foam adapts to the body shape with the own body temperature at each position independently of each user, providing greater surface contact and spreading the weight of the body and therefore the pressure exerted on the skin, favoring a correct positioning and a good rest.

The T system design provides good support that evenly distributes the weight of the person and the memory foam top, thanks to its adaptability, molds to the shape of each position and together generated a feeling of weightlessness that relieves the sensation of weight the body and promotes good sleep.


Foam Polyurethane base White visco Pink visco
Density 40 kg/m3 50 kg/m3 50 kg/m3
Hardness 5,35 kPa 1,60 kPa 4,30 kPa
Resilence 52 % -- --

Cover is included.

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Inside cover:

Composition: 100% Polyester . Double point. White. Weight: 90 gr/m2 . 5 thread overlock. Zipper closure and bottom reinforcement.

Outside cover:

Enhanced cover made of fabric shearing 80% cotton and 20% polyester, 280 gr/m2. Quilted fabric inside with a layer of

High density viscoelastic foam (50 kg/m3) flexible and breathable.

Lower dimensional fabric 100% polyester. Clothing overlock with safety stitch.

Zipper M-5 at the bottom.

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