Multifunctional system

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Surface made of viscoelastic foam in granular format that allows to position the user according to their needs. Designed for people with cerebral palsy, with special positioning needs and also designed to facilitate the attendance of their caregivers and therapy sessions, making the mattress fit the needs of the patient and not the other way around.

Prevention of pressure ulcers

The viscoelastic foam inside it is a thermosensitive surface that favors the adaptation to the shape of the body position, distributing the pressures on the skin in a balanced way, offering a unique comfort. Thanks to the comfort perceived by the body it favors the comfort and rest, improving at the same time its quality of life.


Composition Visco Rosa
Density 50kg/m3
Hardness 4,30KPa

The product includes cover.

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Outer sheath

Waterproof and bielastic
Exterior case made of bielastic and waterproof polyurethane fabric, very soft to the touch and adaptable, very soft to the touch and adaptable. With a L-side zipper to facilitate the moulting in case it is necessary to wash it.

Washable and disinfectable on surface. Its elastic properties adapt perfectly to the shape acquired by the internal filling after the manipulation. Thus the perception of the comfort of the viscoelastic is not limited once it has adapted to the shape of the body.
Inner cover
Elastic and breathable

The inner cotton cover encloses the viscoelastic foam in granulated format, small pieces to be able to adapt the amount needed in each part of the body.

Elastic fabric.

Depending on the position or anatomy of the user, the filling can be moved and adapted to the extremities.

Designed for users with cerebral palsy and also for those who care for them, facilitating their task.

The percidibo comfort thanks to the adaptability of the foam makes the user more relaxed, better positioned for rest. Improves your quality of life.

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