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The mattress Bicofoam-Spring® is composed of two different layers of high quality foam :

- Its base is a polyurethane foam core with high quality (40Kg/m3 density, 5.35Kpa hardness), with 14 cm thick, manufactured under an exclusive foam spring system independently profiled thanks to its design flex and offer a dynamism that allows it to adapt to each patient's position dividing its weight and pressure balanced.

- The top is a layer of viscoelastic foam, a touch innovative viscous material and thermosensitive adapts to the body shape with the own temperature. With a thickness of a 4 cm and a density 50 Kg/m3 , offers two different hardnesses depending on the zone of the mattress intended to support more weight (pink lumbar harder and softer white ends). Thanks to this material is a complete adjustment to body shape at each position as the material returns to its original shape once you stop pressuring him.

The system formed by both parties get a balanced distribution of weight: the base provides firm support while the top of viscoelastic allows the body to rest on its own form, increasing the contact surface and dealing so the pressure on the skin, reducing the risk of pression bedsores motivated by capillary occlusion and/or lack of proper blood supply. All this without leaving the comfort that the mattress provides the user through the sense of weightlessness provided by this material.


Composition Polyurethane White Visco Pink Visco
Density 40kg/m3 50kg/m3 50kg/m3
Hardness 5,35KPa 1,60KPa 4,30KPa
Resilenc 52% -- --
Laye 14cm 4cm 4cm


Peso máx 160 kg
Peso mín 40 kg


180x90x18cm CQF585BE
190x80x18cm CQF390BE
190x90x18cm C.N 310070.0 CQF565BE
190x105x18cm CQF572BE
200x90x18cm CQF574BE

Cover is included.

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The mattress is covered by a polyurethane bielastic fabric (elastic on both axles, width and lenght) of dark green colour, waterproof and breathable, anti-dust mite, biocompatible and washable. Lateral zipper, for a change more easily if it was necessary to change, although the cover is not an accessory but an essential part of the product that allows cleaning also placed on the mattress.

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