en Soft viscoelastic mat

Mat manufactured of viscoelastic foam Sanitifoam® especially suitable for preventing bedsores with a thickness of 6 cm.

The viscoelastic foam adapts to the shape of the body with corporal temperature favoring the distribution of body weight and pressure by distributing it on the skin, thus promoting proper blood circulation and preventing the appearance of bedsores.

Its manufacturing system of open pore allows a greater respiration avoiding accumulation of humidity and preventing the growth of dust mite while offering greater comfort. Made of high quality foam with a density of 50 Kg/m3 and a hardness of 1.6 kPa, soft, making it suitable for a product indicated for the prevention of pressure bedsores.


Composition White / Pink Visco
Density 50 kg/m3
Hardness 1,60 KPa
Resilence --
Layer 6 cm

Measures - References (White)

190x90x6cm CQF547BE
200X90X6cm CQF5471BE

Measures - References (Pink)

190x90x6cm CQF954BE

Cover is included.

en Soft viscoelastic mat 2

It is waterproof, anti-allergic, breathable, anti-dust mite and washable.

The mattress is covered by a polyurethane bielastic fabric (elastic on both axes: width and length) of green colour, a non-slip fabric in the base which prevents soil displacement or bed (see applications). Its L zipper facilitates moving in those cases in which needed wash separately, since it can be cleaned and disinfect the surface.

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