en Bicofoam Spring 56 3 S pad

Sanitary pad manufactured of two high quality foams and under the exclusive foam spring design. Its base is a polyurethane foam of high quality with a high density of (56Kg/m3) and hardness of 7 kPa, profiled with design foam springs, independent of each other, and with a thickness of 9 cm. The top is a layer of viscoelastic foam with 3 cm thick, high density (50 kg/m3) and a hardness of 4.3 kPa, with 3 cm thick, to accommodate patients given high weight without losing its adaptability.
The system allows, thanks to its design the spring to flex and 3 the weight of the body is uniformly distributed, at the same time that the viscoelastic properties of the thermosensitive achieve a full adaptation to the shape of each patient distributing surface pressures and avoiding high pressure points.
This makes the product an ideal element for the prevention of pressure bedsores, while offering great support and comfort for users with a high weight.

Cover is included.

en Bicofoam Spring 56 3 S pad 2


The pad is covered with a polyurethane bielastic fabric (elastic on both axes: width and length) of dark green color and beige color in the base a non-slip elastic fabric in the center of which stands the U-shaped zipper that facilitates handling and moving at the same time preventing liquid spillage penetrate the pad.

It is waterproof, anti-allergic, breathable, anti-dust mite and washable. It can even disinfect manufacturer's instructions thereon specific.

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