Bicofoam Spring® 40 3-S pad

en Bicofoam Spring 40 3 S pad

Sanitary pad is composed of two layers of high quality foam with a unique design.
Its base of 5 cm polyurethane high density (40kg/m3) is made based on our exclusive independent foam springs that allow a balanced distribution of weight in the form of pressure islands, adapting well to the body of each patient. This allows and encourages blood flow unrestricted, relieving zones of more pressure on the skin and preventing scar formation.
Its conformation of 3 springs allows to support the weight of the patient without the pad is deformed and lose their effectiveness or properties look somewhat diminished.
For weights between 60 and 160 kg approx.
The top layer is 3 cm viscoelastic foam (density of 50Kg/m3) thermosensitive, that is, varies with temperature, thus adapting perfectly to the body weight of the patient and distributing pressure and providing great comfort.

Measures - References

42 x 42x 8cm CQF1603BE
Other sizes Ask

Cover is included.

en Bicofoam Spring 40 3 S pad 2

Polyurethane cover green and beige with bielastics properties (elastic on both axes) that prevents it limits the properties of distribute pressures of the viscoelastic foam and provides a very high level of comfort. It is composed of polyamide and polyurethane fabric is waterproof, breathable, anti-allergic and anti-dust mite. Their base, beige, is made from a fabric non slip polyurethane, preventing displacement of the pad over the chair.

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