en Visco granules pad

Pad manufactured of viscoelastic foam cut into pieces and encapsulated in a elastic cotton fabric 100%. The viscoelastic shaped in irregular granules leaving large air spaces between them, premitting air to flow more easily and to increase transpiration material.

At the same time the possibility to move and accommodate the visco granules allows the patient adapt to pad at the shape and the position that is most comfortable, giving greater versatility.

The thermosensitive properties of the viscoelastic foam allow the body shape adapt with the own body temperature so that the user no perceives the granules like a bum but as a support adapted to its shape and posture. Its manufacturing system of open cell provide greater adaptability perspiration.

Viscoelastic foam washable. The cover can be washed and even disinfect surface. See manufacturer's instructions thereon.


Composition Pink visco
Density 50 kg/m3
Hardness 4,3 kPa aprox.


42 x 42 x 6 cm aprox. CQF008VG

Cover is included.

en Visco granules pad 2

Elastic cover of polyester and coating of polyurethane green with side zipper. It is waterproof, breathable, anti-dust mite and anti-bacterial treatments and fire retardant.

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