en Standard squared viscoelastic pad

Viscoelastic foam pad 50Kg/m3 of density and 4.30 Kpa of hardness, with a thickness of 6 cm, material that conforms to the shape of the body with corporal temperature, which favors the distribution of weight and pressure of the body a balanced form, minimizing the pressure on the skin and preventing the appareance of pressure bedsores. The manufacturing system open pore allows a greater breathing avoiding humidity and preventing the growth of dust mite and offers more comfort for people who spend long time sitting.

All these features make it ideal product for use in hospitals and / or nursing home.


Composition Visco Rosa Visco Rosa
Density 50 kg/m3 50 kg/m3
Hardness 4,3 kPa 4,3 kPa
Thinkness 6 cm 8 cm
Weight max. 70 kg 85 kg
Weight min. 25 kg 50 kg

Measures - References:

37x40x6 cm CQF00840T
40x40x6 cm CQF0087T
42x42x6 cm CQF008T
46x42x6 cm CQF00861T
49x42x6 cm CQF0091T
42x42x8 cm CQF00810T
46x42x8 cm CQF00860T
49x42x8 cm CQF00910T
48x45x8 cm CQF00820T

Cover is included.

en Standard squared viscoelastic pad 2

Polyester elastic cover and coating of polyurethane light green colour with lateral zipper. It is waterproof, breathable, anti-dust mite and anti-bacterial treatments and fire retardant.

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