Pad viscoelastic wedge decrease

en Pad viscoelastic wedge decrease

Pad viscoelastic wedge shaped. Manufactured of viscoelastic foam of high quality with a density of 50 kg/m3 and a high hardness of 4.3 Kpa.

The viscoelastic foam is a flexible polyurethane foam thermosensitive properties that fits the body shape with the own body temperature spreading the weight of a balanced form and thereby reducing pressure on the skin, decreasing the risk of bedsores.

Suitable for people who spend long time sitting.

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Its wedge shape allows two positions or decrease:

  • Placing higher profile at the front of the seat helps to prevent the user from sliding or falling off its seat.
  • Placing thicker profile in the back provides extra support to the coccyx's part positioning the back more straight.


Composition Visco
Density 50 kg/m3
Hardness 4,3 kPa

en Pad viscoelastic wedge decrease 3

Cover is a polyurethane bielastic fabric (elastic on both axes) with a non-slip fabric in the base to limit the movement of the chair, of high quality accompanying the positions that the foam adapts to each position. Impermeable to liquids but breathable, anti-dust mite treatment and biocompatibility. Lower lateral zipper.

You can clean and disinfect surface without removing the cover, but for those cases where it is essential, has a lateral zipper for removal.

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