Pad anatomic visco gel ischiums protection

en Pad anatomic visco gel

Pad manufactured with flexible polyurethane foam of high density and viscoelastic polyurethane foam. The multiple combinations of its elements allow the user to configure the product to suit their needs and can adapt placement as needed and depending on the relief their need in the area of ischiums.

The elements composing the pad are:

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  • A straight base polyurethane foam of high density and hardness, with a viscoelastic foam on top anatomically shaped for proper positioning of the hip and a hole in the back, for the relief ischium area.
  • Two viscoelastic filler pads: one with viscoelastic foam more harder (pink) and other with viscoelastic foam very soft, mild (white). Both have the same density and thermosensitive properties allow it to adapt to the body shape according to the position of each user. The alternation of hardness or other allows to adapt the pad to the needs of each patient.
  • A piece of viscoelastic polyurethane foam of high quality with a density of 50 Kg/m3 are intended to provide to ischium area more height or more compact support preventive viscoelastic.
  • A piece of gel, manufactured from medical type oils for ischium area.

The viscoelastic foam pink or white has thermosensitive properties that make it conform to the shape of the body with its own body temperature, acquiring the form of the body in every position and recovering its original shape once you stop putting pressure on it (memory effect).

The silicone gel layer provides extra support which allows better positioning and maintaining longer the form acquired by the viscoelastic foam while providing a cool feeling if used in last position, in contact with the user.

Multiple combinations:

The multiple combinations of all elements allow the user to adjust the pad to every need and placing them interchangeably as needed.

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Composition Pink visco White visco
Density 50 kg/m3 50 kg/m3
Hardnesses 4,30 kPa 1,60 kPa

Cover is included.

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Polyurethane bielastic fabric cover (elastic on both axes) of high quality that accompanies the form taken by the pad depending on the composition created or even if not placed accessories, covers the empty area leaving the fabric in suspension.

The base is a polyurethane fabric non slip to decrease the displacement of the seat pad.

Liquid impermeable but breathable, anti-dust mite treatment and biocompatibility, and also fire retardant. U-shaped zipper for easy sharing accessories and remove for cleaning separately. Covered by a small flap that reduces the risk of fluid inside.

You can clean and disinfect surface without removing the cover, but when necessary a more thorough cleaning is recommended to remove and wash separately.

Do not use the pad without cover or another cover is not approved by the manufacturer.

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