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ViSCOOOL® foams combine the physical properties of high-quality polyurethane foam with the latest technology in air conditioning to minimize heat problems. A perfect fusion of high-quality viscoelastic foam and thermo-regulating "phase change" technology, applied to comfort and prevention of pressure ulcers.

High viscosity viscoelastic bottom and high hardness to provide firmness and support. Viscoool foam top layer, a state-of-the-art material with thermoregulatory properties and very soft touch.

It contains a unique refreshing balm that provides a feeling of freshness that helps to counteract body heat, favoring comfort and rest. This balm is added in the production process, ie it is not a surface treatment and its origin is entirely natural.

Tests carried out by the Textile Research Institute "AITEX" show us the effectiveness of Viscoool® compared to a standard memory foam, staying cooler for longer.
Composition Viscoool Visco Rosa
Density 55 kg / m3 50 kg / m3
Hardness 1,30 kPa 4 kPa
Thickness 2.5 cm 8 cm

42x42x10 cm 3-D fabric CQFVISCOOOL 71 3D
42x42x10 cm Waterproof CQFVISCOOOL 71 BE
With two sleeves: 3D case + Waterproof CQFVISCOOOL 71 T

The product includes cover.

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3D case

Case made of 100% polyester fabric in 3-D format with small cells, very breathable that helps thermo-regulation black. Non-slip fabric base.
Waterproof cover

Case made of bi-elastic polyurethane fabric and waterproof. Very soft to the touch. Non-slip fabric at the base. Zipper on the back. Black.

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