Sanitifoam® double wedge cushion

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Composed of a piece of polyurethane foam and a piece of viscoelastic foam in the shape of a wedge, their positions and possible combinations are perfect for a position of retroversion or anteversion of pelvis, as well as tilts left or right.

1.- Pelvic anteversion:

anteversionAnteversion Placing the polyurethane foam wedge lowering towards the back, with the thick part in front, we obtain an anteversion action, as long as support is maintained in the backrest with a 90º angle.

The viscoelastic foam of the upper part adapts to the shape of the body by evenly dividing the weight and decreasing the pressures, thus contributing to the prevention of u.p.p. While the polyurethane foam hardly deforms, maintaining anteversion.




retroversion2.- Pelvic retroversion:

Retroversion Placing the raised polyurethane foam wedge towards the back and leaving the thick part of the viscoelastic under the knees, a retroversion of the pelvis is achieved by progressively giving the visco to the body temperature and adapting comfortably to the user.




basculacion3.- Coronal pelvic tucks:

Tilting The placement of the thick parts of the viscoelastic foam and polyurethane foam wedges to one side or the other, we get a pelvic tilt to the left or right side.



Composition Viscoelastic Polyurethane
Density 50 kg/m3 40 kg/m3
Hardness 4 kPa 5,35 kPa

Measures - Reference:

42x42x9 cm aprox. CQF104BE

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Elastic cover

The cushion includes an elastic fabric cover, black in color, waterproof and partially breathable. Its U-shaped zipper allows the user to easily place the two wedges, depending on the purpose sought.

In addition a small flap decreases the possible liquid filter to the interior through the rack.

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